Consultation Fees

What price to pay?

Our suffering consumes a great deal of time, talents and resources; holding us in a state of suspended animation; in a state of inertia. Where life circumstances warrant this, around times of tragedy or serious illness for example, the question of analysis doesn’t arise – this is something that we can understand, even while it may be very difficult to bear. In other instances, our symptoms are perplexing. We feel trapped with them and cannot understand why we feel the way that we do. A condition often more difficult to bear is our inability to do what we feel we ought to.

The step of entering analysis implies a decision to confront the questions that our suffering poses. This procedure calls for precision in many dimensions, not least in the price to pay for access to our desire.

In praxis, a ‘small’ fee could count as considerable price for one Analysand at a particular moment of their life, while for another, money will not in itself touch on what the subject is desperate to be rid of. The Analyst will be taxed no less for his/her temerity, as s/he is called upon to invent with each Analysand ways to make resonate that which is vital to them.

Initial consultation fee (Rapid Access Service): £60, Concessions from £30
Ongoing session fees: to be agreed between each Analysand and their Psychoanalyst.

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