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Lacan: The ‘Freudian Thing’ is Desire

Psychoanalysis, first and foremost, responds to human suffering by paying attention to what you have to say about your life. Particularly that in your life which, although it is being said in various ways unceasingly, goes unnoticed or appears as non-sense. At its root, our suffering arises from our vital disorientation in our lived experience of life; Our suffering is our way of letting ourselves know that we are somehow ‘out of sync’ with ourselves. So, it cannot just disappear. In fact, the more we ignore it without addressing what underlies it, the more loudly it disrupts our plans of what we think we want. Instead, it goes on and on; bending our life into an array of disruptive symptoms, obsessions, compulsions, anxiety, depression, disorders of speech, eating and movement (inhibitions), including our chronic emotions of confusion, resentment, rage and despair.

A psychoanalyst pays attention to these raw or disparate expressions of suffering towards your grasping the thread of desire entangled therein. The symptoms intruding in people’s lives are expressions of something intimate and vital, the kernel of which remains impossible to say. The cure will produce finer delineation of the threshold between what needs to be expressed in speech – ie can become construed as a knowledge as such – and what is dynamically beyond the ruts of language.

Suffering can dissipate only with shifts of perspective. This perceptual shift is a move from disorientation in lived experience towards clarity, with the attendant capacity to decide and to act in conformity with one’s desire.

The Psychoanalyst invites you to speak about what troubles you with a view to elicit your successive realisations about those things that matter to you. Being interested in you as the potential awaiting realisation beyond the cloaks of your suffering, the Analyst would have you hear yourself speaking. This offer to pay attention to what you are saying opens the way for you consider What You Really Want and How You Want to Live Life.

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Psychoanalysts are currently consulting at several locations across London. Analysts are experienced and trained in the Lacanian orientation of psychoanalysis. Each is committed to ongoing research and development at the cutting edge of psychoanalytic practice.

To find the Analyst at the most accessible location for you, simply click on a location below to display contact details telephone numbers for our analysts. If you require an immediate appointment, you can contact us on 0207 799 1489 or contact us.

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